The sedcat fully accessible Peugeot MPV to help Wheelchair Travellers get about in and around Bournemouth

Help is now at hand for wheelchair bound residents of Bournemouth who need to get out and about in the community but can only leave their homes in an accessible taxi. A new fully accessible vehicle has recently been purchased by sedcat and is available to members who can only travel in a wheelchair.

The new MPV will be driven by fully trained Volunteer drivers from the sedcat Volunteer Community Car Scheme. With the arrival of the new MPV any sedcat member who needs to travel in a wheelchair can now do so in comfort and style; a Volunteer driver will collect them from their home and take them to wherever they need to go, it's as easy as that!

The new MPV has been funded through the generosity of local charitable trusts and some fundraising events which have been run by sedcat during the past two years.

To book the fully accessible MPV please telephone the Volunteer Community Cars booking line on 01202 309433. There is a charge of £1 per mile (minimum charge £8.00).

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