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Timothy Charters is running the London Marathon in honour of his mother Carol Charters who was a longstanding member of Sedcat

All funds will go towards our Community Transport services so we can provide accessible transport services to Vulnerable community members.

Catching public transport when you have severe mobility issues can be a real challenge, when you also face economic financial challenges even more so. This leads many people to be socially isolated and lonely. Our service users face many challenges and it is with this that our charities purpose is to provide affordable accessible transport services in the local area and through this, promote social inclusion, independence and a sense of community.

Sedcat were absolutely invaluable in keeping Mum’s sense of independence, which kept her spirits up throughout.

Timothy said “This is my third London and marks 5 years since I first retired from marathon running! Training hasn’t been the best, so this one is all about the event.”

Follow this link to Timothy’s fundraising page and support him>>>>>