Getting you out and about during Summer

Poole—BH 12—BH18

Mini trips for small groups socially distanced passengers.
Bookings can be made a week in advance by calling 01202 534 027
Cost for a return journey door-to-door is £8 per trip

Dates for Summer

3rd June 2024 -Harvester Alum Chine
17th June 2024 -Lakeside Fish and Chips
1st July 2024 -Holes Bay Table to Table
15th July 2024 -Spyglass and Kettle
29th July 2024 -The Angel, Ferndown

Cost for the transport is £8 per return trip, at the venue you will be responsible for your own lunch.
Your pick up time will be confirmed and the payment taken the day before each trip is to take place.