For most of the time, Chris spends time at home but he still wants, and needs, to get out and about. Although calling for a taxi is not a problem, it does become one as soon as he reaches his destination. Having suffered a stroke some years ago, Chris is unable to move as he would like and is totally dependent on a power chair for his mobility needs. Although he has his own power chair at home, leaving the house without it can prove difficult.

Happily, some years ago his wife and carer Ann discovered the Shopmobility unit in the Castlepoint Shopping Park in Bournemouth. Now, they can both pop into Shopmobility where Chris hires a left handed power chair and they go shopping together. In fact, Chris often takes himself off to B&Q whilst Ann gets on with her own shopping needs and they meet up for coffee and then lunch.

“Without Shopmobility I would really struggle” said Chris, “and by using the power chair, I keep my independence and don’t need Ann to push me, it is such a godsend”